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Learn all about Roberto Montalto, Dr Criminal & Civil Lawyer
Lawyers in Valletta - Malta

If you’re in need of finding a criminal defence lawyer or one who specialises mostly in civil law, contact Valletta based Dr. Roberto Montalto. He will try his best to strive in present you in an orderly and adequate manner within the local court.

Dr. Montalto can provide you with an everyday service as a lawyer, and might make an effort in presenting you with trustworthy legal advice. If you’re trying to hunt out a defence in an exceedingly range of criminal cases against you, Dr. Roberto Montalto is that the proper man for you. He also provides his clients with decent solutions in company formation, civil law, human rights breaches, litigation laws, traffic laws, transport laws, consumer, administrative laws,personal injury claims, arbitration, employment, human resources, commercial, assistance, rent laws, company, constitutional, alternative dispute resolution, industrial law, mediation, public procurement, human rights, property and land law.

He may present you with services in inheritance, succession, debt collection, development planning, family law and insurance law. Dr. Roberto Montalto has some experience within the sphere due to his representation in an exceedingly number of local lawsuits when it involves code. He can provide you with a diffusion of solutions thanks to research and legal guidance. He will provide you with admissible solutions when it involves dedication, hard work, preparedness and even reasoned judgement.

Dr. Robert Montalto also offers his services to a ramification of cases for NGOs, government entities, business companies, private individuals and more. He makes an effort in providing you with efficient solutions associated with civil and criminal laws so on present you with a productive solution.

He tries his best to remain up a customary and stellar approach towards the practice of law and to dedicate himself to your case adequately. If you’re in need of a defence lawyer when it involves codification and cases, contact Dr. Robert Montalto in his Valletta offices today.

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Roberto Montalto, Dr Criminal & Civil Lawyer
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Valletta Malta VLT 1433
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